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  • Also the background is a placeholder as well, suggestions to make the site more aesthetically pleasing are welcome.

    Anyone? Sorry for triple posting.

    Ok last bump.

    i was told this forum is helpful perhaps i was mistaken. i will find another


    did i post this in the wrong section?

    Moderator kmessinger


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    Who set this up for you? It is not complete. There is no footer. Perhaps you should contact them.



    Yes, this site is missing the footer and is incomplete.

    For the dropdown links, there are many plugins that can do this for you. I suggest you do a quick search on the plugins area of the website or on Google. However it may be easier for you to just use a theme that already has dropdowns built-in if you are a newbie and worry about creating too many hassles. 🙂

    To remove that annoying box, that can probably be removed with a couple minutes of fiddling with the html code or CSS of the theme, but again I suggest you find a different theme if you are a newbie and want to make things as smooth as possible.

    Also, sometimes it takes more than a couple hours for people to respond to you — I have many posts on this very useful forum but sometimes it takes a day or more for someone with the correct expertise to respond. I know it can be very frustrating sometimes, but try not to bump so much and people will be happier to assist 😉

    It’s corbodo green park -2 I changed the background myself.

    Also I found the header, its “
    #header { height: 146px; margin-top: 15px; position: relative; }” When I delete it, the site gets messed up with the html, the green bar moves up and throws everything out of whack, how can I fix this?



    Try changing the following:
    header: 0px
    margin-top: 0px

    Play around with those figures and see what it does~

    I did, if you will view the page now, that is what happens when I do that.

    I think I have a fix, I have an image that was the same size as that header (The old header that was 146px high), how can I make that image my header? Do I have to visit the ftp?

    You will find usually help comes pretty easy here. Unlike myself, there are some folks here who really know their stuff. …Unless you start your quest with dupes and impatient “bumping” or have been a member for less than a day before you start developing an attitude.

    i was told this forum is helpful perhaps i was mistaken. i will find another

    My five year old stomps her feet while issuing meaningless ultimatums. You may want to give it a try and see if it helps any. 🙂

    Here is some information for you.

    BEFORE POSTING (aka Forum Rules)

    And as kmessinger has already told you, your theme is structurally incomplete. The footer structure you have removed may be contributing to just one of the many issues present. If the goal was to change the links, you can just go ahead and edit the footer.php file. The theme is GPL’d, so you can change it to say or link to anything you like.

    You may also want to consider (after reinstalling a complete version of the theme) simply placing text widgets in the sidebar to contain your sponsor images. That way you can style each image inside of each text widget, while maintaining the integrity (location) of the themes sidebar and content area. Placing the images as they are, has apparently contributed to damaging both the content and sidebar areas. Just a few starting suggestions, if it’s any help.

    Do I have to visit the ftp?

    You have to use an ftp client to visit your web space. Find the image in the Cordobo theme directory. Rename the old header. Name your new one exactly as the old one was. Now place it in exactly the same directory (with exactly the same dimensions) as the old one.

    Just an after-thought – I’m not sure if you have seen it yet or not, but there is a Cordobo Green Park2 settings page in your dashboard for that theme as well. That might be of some help with customizing some of the various aspects of the layout or appearance.

    [Edit] Holy cow. I just discovered something new about this theme, myself. In the themes options page, there is even a link for;

    “List of tutorials based on this theme”.

    Provide visual feedback using CSS — an introduction to the themes usage of CSS3

    How cool is that?

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