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  • my web site is called snappingturtlecomics . com its an online comic shop my problem is there is no organization to what i put on it and i dont know how to make it organized. there are many comic publishing companies such as marvel or DC and there are title such as spiderman and batman my problem is i have no idea how to get my site to creat or show links like all the other comic shops have. for example dreamlandcomics . com im able to choose marvel or what ever company name and than from there im able to choose avenging spiderman , superior spiderman or uncanny x-men. how do i create this.

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  • Hi battlechaser1212,

    • You could start by creating categories:
      dashboard > posts > categories
      add a few such as the publishers or the main character
    • Next add the appropriate categories to each post
    • Use tags to characterize each post.
      Use a tag cloud widget in a sidebar to quickly access the chosen tagged posts

    my sites really iritating me. my site is and if anyone can make it look like a real online e-commerce web page like dreamland comic, mycomicshop or milehigh comics .com please help me.


    It all may seem ‘a lot to sort out’ in one go.
    The other sites had similar issues when they started up.
    Solve one problem at a time, get to know a bit of WP, HTML and CSS in the process. Your frontpage looks ‘almost there’: Tip add </br>at the end of the head texts of the images that have only one line of text.
    Result; all will look the same height.

    All this should NOT stop you from enjoying and using WP!
    If ‘all the technical stuff’ you feel is ‘way over your head’, and you would rather focus on the content, your readers etc. GREAT!

    Get someone who LOVES the ‘nuts and bolts’ to help you set things up.
    It might cost you a few bucks, but will allow you to do what YOU are best at…



    thanks so much for the help sorry forgot my password forever lol

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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