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    I need some help with configuring the htaccess file to allow access to a sub-folder in which another one of my site is hosted (not WordPress).
    On installing this plugin and activating the settings that site stopped working properly.
    Thanks for the awesome plugin

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  • Plugin Author AITpro


    htaccess files work in a hierarchal and literal way meaning that if a parent folder has an htaccess file then all the child folders (subfolders) will inherit and follow the htaccess rules in the parent htaccess file. So if you do not want the parent folder’s htaccess rules applied to another folder then you can add another htaccess file to that child / subfolder. The default.htaccess master file that is included with BPS is a generic WordPress htaccess file that has mod_rewrite to rewrite URL’s. The wpadmin-secure.htaccess master file does not have mod_rewrite and only contains the Query String Exploits filters. Since this other site is not a WordPress site then you may or may not want URL rewriting performed. Try copying the default.htaccess file to the folder where this other app or platform is located and rename the file to just .htaccess (removing default from the file name). You may also need to add the RewriteBase and RewriteRule for this app or platform depending on your uses and the app or platform. For example if it is HTML based then the RewriteRule would be index.html instead of index.php. Another option would be to copy the BPS wpadmin-secure.htaccess master file to this folder and rename it to just .htaccess. One or more of the Query String Exploit filters may not work for this other app or platform depending on what it is. This htaccess file does not have URL rewriting in it and only has the security filters. This file works fine as a stand alone htaccess security file, but if URL rewriting is required then this htaccess file will not work for your uses unless you add whatever mod_rewrite is needed for this other app or platform. It is also possible, but not recommended that you change RewriteEngine On to RewriteEngine Off – ONLY FOR THE NEW .htaccess FILE THAT YOU ARE ADDING TO THIS OTHER FOLDER. Thanks.

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