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  • Hi, I want to have different themes for my site. The part of my site about my book I want to have the theme I’ve had originally. For the rest of my site I want a different theme and appearance. Also I want to change my menu so that if you click on: About my Novel on the menu then it takes you to the new appearance and a different main menu with different buttons to show you other posts and pages I’ve made for my novel. Then I can have my site dedicated and organized to different projects and interests without one theme dominating the whole site.

    Please help I’ve tried jonradio, Headspace, idk what to do. I don’t have alot of programming experience, but I can find my way around code and make some additions if this is required.

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  • You can only use one theme on a site. But you can style different parts quite differently with customizations, perhaps based on categories or custom post types.

    You would need to know quite a bit of HTML, CSS and understand WP code to do what you are asking, however.

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