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  1. activestatedesigns
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    Hello there,

    I have my website here: http://www.sprocketdb.com and if you notice when you go there it automatically redirects you to http://www.sprocketdb.com/old/index.html. This is automatically redirected by index.html. I have installed wordpress in my root folder, however whenever I go to http://www.sprocketdb.com/index.php it jumps me to the old/index.html file.

    Is there something I can put into the index.php for wordpress install so I can see my homepage. Basically I am creating this site and wanting to edit it live, while my traffic still is redirected to old site rather than the new one. I am in need of showing the client their new homepage, but I can't acces index.php without it redirecting me.

    Is there another URL I can give them or some code I can put into index.php?


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