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  • I’m just starting out, and I have someone to help me, but even they are stumped by this.
    My goal is to get my comic panels to have a next/previous button below that, we have managed such by making a new page, but you still have to click the picture to see it all and that is where the problem starts.
    You see, I need the whole picture to show full sized, then have the next and previous buttons above it. Essentially, I’d like to have my comic panels show like they do when I’m scrolling through my media library. Click the first picture and the others will follow.
    Is there a way to make more libraries or galleries, something to get this working how I need?
    Also I am not premium so keep that in mind.
    Please help a girl out.

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  • What’s a comic panel?

    Regardless, if you just want pictures with next/previous buttons, there are several options out there.

    If your images have different height and width attributes but you want them shown full size, regardless, just install the Portfolio Slideshow Plugin. That will have navigation above the pictures, as well as thumbnails below it. And it shows all images in full size, regardless of height/width. It’s a reliable, respected plugin.

    You can make it autoplay, or you can force the user to click next, etc.; it’s easy to customize. Just if you’re using it for that page/post, just put [portfolio_slideshow] (or [portfolio-slideshow] … (I forgot what it is … dash or underscore). Only put the ID number if you’re showing the same slideshow on another page. Just follow the instructions on the plugin homepage installation page; it explains things quite clearly.

    Thank you, I’ll try that.
    Also A comic panel is usually in Manga format, with several pictures forming onto one page to make a set direction for the reader to follow. There, now we both learned something . 😀

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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