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  • Hey, Guys!

    I develop on a macbox and it’s very hard for me to test on ie6/7. I use browsershots to get screenshots and see how everything looks, but ie always frustrates me. On all CSS compliant browsers, my layouts display correctly, but I can never figure out how to fix it on ie without breaking it on the css compliant browsers.

    Any help with my current redesign? It’s supposed to have a large black bar across the top, followed by a two-tone black/gray bar for site naviation. This is followed by a blue bar with my three main services. This is where the problem resides. I would like them to be centered within the box and to form a line across like a nav bar. This works correctly in all css compliant browsers, but fails with ie and as I don’t have a windowsbox available to tinker with, I’m not sure how to fix it. Plus, because I work so much more on a mac and even on windows, only on firefox, I’m not used to all the problems that ie has in rendering to know how to go about to fix them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


    The test site is located at

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