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[Resolved] Need help with domain mapping

  • I need help in configuring my DNS / domain mapping so my subsite shows.

    I’ve created a site having the url bekkelaget.stiengenterprises.com.
    I’ve had my customers ISP point www.bekkelagetseniorsenter.no to bekkelaget.stiengenterprises.com.

    Question 1: Is this correct? Or should it only point to stiengenterprises.com?

    I’ve installed the Domain Mapping plugin and I’ve added www.bekkelagetseniorsenter.noas the primary domain.

    If your domain name includes a hostname like “www”, “blog” or some other prefix before the actual domain name you will need to add a CNAME for that hostname in your DNS pointing at this blog URL.

    Right, so I log into Plesk and go to My Domains > Domains > stiengenterprises.com > DNS Settings

    Her I can add a CNAME record. The new record looks like this:

    HOST: bekkelaget.stiengenterprises.com.
    VALUE: http://www.bekkelagetseniorsenter.no.

    Question 2: Is this DNS entry correct?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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