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  • There is some good info in the Codex regarding design:

    Cant wordpress take HTML?

    Is that maybe the fault?

    It depends what do you mean by “taking HTML”.
    All the template files have to have .php extension. Look at a working theme and dissect the template files. However, even in a .php file the layout is done with regular html tags – and the WP functions are called by the Template_Tags.
    As I see you don’t use the theme system and that might be another problem.
    Besides the resources above (which I strongly recommend to read it in full, there is no shortcut if you want your own theme!), here are some other good articles:

    Thx, I think I understand it, but when I try it just get worng.
    Can anyone please help me with a little start and then I can do the rest myself?

    Thank you, Mykos

    Well, if you went through all the articles form the blog design section of the Codex, and I really mean all of them, then you realize that teaching how to design a whole theme is more compliacted than it could be expelained a “little bit” in a forum reply.
    Unfortunately, there is no shortcut: if you want to design, you have to be good at (x)html and css. Believe me, we all went through that learning curve and still learning…

    Your stylesheet isn’t loading.

    This line in your templates (probably header file, or index file) isn’t right:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="mykosblog" type="text/css" media="screen" />

    The “href” part should point directly to your *.css file and it doesn’t.

    Try something like this:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?>" type="text/css" media="screen" />

    Not certain that’ll work, but it’s worth a try

    Thx, fixed that fault!

    It wont be as I want anyway 🙁

    My design is really simple, but I cant do it.

    I dont learn so much from reading the stuff you gave me. I have done a lot of CSS and HTML before, but I just cant get this.

    Is it possible to make the theme in tables and just include the functions?
    If not, I think I have to give up wordpress since noone have time to lead me in the right direction without reading 100 of pages I dont understand very well.

    Thank you guys anyway, Mykos

    tables for layout are the devil’s work!!

    Ok, soapbox aside…

    Try some of the theme sites. TONS of ’em out there – start with My favorite appears to be down at the moment ( Find a theme that’s close to what you’re after from a layout perspective and grab it.

    To do good layout, you need to understand (x)html and CSS. To change colors and move things around you just need to have an editor 🙂 So find one that’s close and hack it up.

    Is it possible to make the theme in tables and just include the functions?

    Yes, though you still have to know how to style the output of those functions. But if you have done a lot of CSS before, that shouldn’t be a problem.

    Thx, I tried to do tables first, but didn’t make it, can I see an example of this please? 😀

    I can’t really remember any theme made with tables… but here is what I’d do:
    Open up your own design file ( and open a simple theme like Classic and start with the header.php, then index.php, then sidebar.php and finally footer.php.

    Look at the Template_Tags used in the Classic files and with a well-developed Copy/Paste skill you should be able to take all the necessary functions/tags from the theme and put them in your layout.
    When done, using Finding_Your_CSS_Styles and a peek to your source code, you’ll be able to add whatever is needed to the stylesheet – based on the classes and ids the code will generate.

    And if all this seems to be too much, just look for a theme that is close enough to what you want and start tweaking.

    Thx, I will see what I can do and come back if I need some more assistanse later in the prosess!

    Check it out now, it lookes better, I dont think I have much left, can I plz get some help with the last things I dont get?

    Thank you 😀

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