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  • Hi everyone

    I am customizing a theme for my wordpress site, but I can’t seem to get the links to stay blue or black. When the page is loading, you’ll be able to to them in blue, but then when the page finishes loading they go to white font.

    I am pretty sure I have gone through and changed all of my font colors to black or blue, but once the page finishes loading, they switch to white.

    I should also point it out that I think it only does it on already visited links. So I think if you are new coming to the page, they will be blue, but after you click them and then come back they will be white.

    I have scoured the .css, and I am obviously missing something. I don’t know .css very well at all though, and when you see my code you will probably see a lot of messiness.

    If anyone could look it over and help me find out why the visited links change white, I would appreciate it.
    The blogs address is

    Here’s the css

    [please don’t post the CSS as it is accessible from the link to your site – see forum guidelines for posting code]

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  • Looking at your site, I can only assume you mean the headers of the entries are the ones not changing? Because the other links appear to be different shades of blue.

    The reason your color is getting over written is because the rule you are overwriting is “stronger” than your rule (if that makes sense πŸ™‚ ). One way to trouble shoot it is to put !important at the end of the rule that’s not working. This will tell you if you used the wrong class or if it’s just getting over written.

    But looking at your style sheet via firebug, there is a style sheet called dynamic.css and on line 81 it’s over writing your link styles. If I click it off your links turn black.

    So try adding important to theme.css line 69 like this:

    .classname {
     element: #fff !important;

    and see if that helps. If not you can go into your dynamic.css and comment that element out or even delete it. Just be careful πŸ™‚

    Also, from a designers POV it’s very hard to read your site titles when they are black. But if that is what you want, then above is how you get it! πŸ™‚

    Have a good day

    Similar problem… Two of words on my About page (Actor/Filmmaker) were turned into links?? And the also turned to a dark grey and are not visible. On the bottom of the page I have a link to my resumΓ© but that is dark grey as well and not visible.

    The rest of the text is white, like it should be… Where in CSS do I find the problem and how do I fix it?

    Please, any help is greatly appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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