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    Well it took this non-coder 7 weeks to get my web site to look the way I wanted. Then I took two weeks off and came back with the intent to add more prints to my site, but my kiddo through a monkey wrench into my plans. Now I need a blog when I never planned to have one. 🙁

    I have a plugin to turn comments off. Really would like to add a blog without destroying my current site, though not sure where to begin. I vaguely remember deleting a lot of pages and assume one was for blogging.

    What I like on my site:

    1. To set up a blog that will cover photography only; my experiences, shoots I’ve done, techniques, advise, etc. My life as a photographer as it were.
    2. Have a future ability to add subscriptions to workshops, tutorials or one-on-one help sessions, etc.
    3. One blog page for all posts, yet a way to have articles show up in specific categories; like Techniques, Gear, Software, etc.

    What I desperately need assistance on:

    1. How to make a page a blog page and subsequently add posts to
    2. How to categorize posts efficiently
    3. How to add subscriptions and RSS feeds for later use

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

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  • What theme are you using? Sometimes theme’s have a page you can set as the Blog so ex: Make new page, Template drop down box -> Blog.

    If your using one does not have that you can make a new blank page named Blog. Go to Settings -> Reading -> Then it should say post page and select the blog page you made.

    To categorize posts use the Tags and Category section.

    Writing Posts Codex
    Manage Categories
    RSS Feeds

    Hope this helps!

    Thank you for the reply! Indeed my theme does have a page template for blog. Does that mean I just add content on that page or do I need to use Posts? If the latter will they automatically appear on the Blog page?

    I appreciate the links and will need to spend some time on them.

    Set the page template to blog. That will style the blog page for you and then do make sure you put it as your post page under the Settings -> Reading.
    Also they will automatically appear on the blog page from the posts you make!

    Thank you so much Fexin! I’m going to go play around to see what I come up with. hehehe

    No problem CharlyIBC!
    If you have any other questions feel free to ask away.

    You are so sweet Fexin.

    Well it seems taking 2 weeks off from coding was a bad idea for this non-coder, as now I cannot seem to figure anything out. lol

    When I’m on the blog page in dashboard and click on preview changes, it opens up what looks like my home page. Yet when I click on view page it goes to the blog page. Any ideas what I’ve done wrong?

    I’ve spent the better of 6 hrs. trying to change the look of the blog page and font color of its aside meta (above post) to no avail. I did get the header to change on the post but not the blog page and couldn’t get either asides to change. 🙁

    Lastly, I wanted to make the area between my top bar and footer to be a different color than black, but could only get the content background color that way. Also how the heck does one add a sidebar I think it’s called to show post categories and such?

    Again any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    I opted to forget this idea and start a sub-domain new site.

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