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  • Hi everyone,

    I posted something similar but I may have put this question in the wrong area. I have a site that I have taken over and fixing it is way over my head. I’m hoping some experts can help me here.

    I can’t put the actual domain for privacy reasons but I will try and explain the issue the best that I can.

    All of this is at the moment hosted on bluehost. I have two domain names. and Before things got a little bit messed up as domains were transferred from company to company etc, the domain and all the links in it were showing up fine. I think tho the the root files were being hosted on subdirectory. Now does not work unless I redirect it and even then now on the site, the main home page link says but all the pictures, pages, posts have the addresses with or whatever the file name is. The links work on the site but only because of the redirection.

    My question is how do i get all the links working properly so in the address bar it always has instead of showing the redirection of I just want to keep the files on but have it show up as The primary domain purchased is and the addon domain is

    I hope that it makes sense to somebody. I can always clarify if it didn’t. please help me rectify this issue. I just want everything to look like it is separate. If I can do this without having to add any extra plugins or change moving files that would be great also.

    Thank you

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  • Usually the domain name that shows will come from a setting in your WordPress Dashboard when logged in as admin. Under Settings go to General. There will be 2 URLs and you should usually have both of them set to the same one, which you want people to see on your site.
    If these are already set correctly for you, then it must be something else than the main wordpress program, like a plugin, that is affecting it.

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