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    What is my problem?
    First problem:
    The dropdown menu of my website is not working good. When i go over my dropdownmenu it drops down, when i go to the child / grandchild the menu dissapears suddenly.
    Second problem:
    There is some sort of black box / block in the background (over the youtube movie).

    What is installed:
    Wordpress version 2.9.2
    WordpressTheme Suffusion version 3.3.9
    Running IE8 (Internet Explorer 8)
    Windows 7

    I also tried it under Firefox version 3.6, then the menu is not blinking but then the last option under (Mother)FOTO > (child)VAKANTIE is not visible. But that is problem 3. First i want to have a good view in IE, so we have to solve problem 1 and 2.

    Hope somebody can solve the problem or can sned me into the right direction.
    I am a beginner with CSS en PHP.
    I don’t want the whole world to see my site, that’s why i don’t give the location.

    Thanks in advance


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  • You seem to have fixed this with Superfish. Do you still need help with the issue?

    I don’t need hep anymore…

    What did i do:

    I installed and activated the next plugins
    -Ryans Suckerfish WordPress Dropdown Menu (did not work for me, so deactivated)
    WP CSS Dropdown Menu (looks like this solved the problem!)
    WP CSS Dropdown Menu JS add-on (looks like this solved the problem!)
    Viper’s Video Quicktags (easier to share video’s, and put’s the movie in the middle of your screen. If you have problems with the menu this could be a workaround! I made a huge menu so that itt woeld hit the video, and it was up on the video. So it works!)

    ShaneG. Thanks you for your links! That was the solution.

    When i should deactivate these plugins the original problems come back. So perhaps it is good to solve the problem for other people.

    For now it is a good solution for me! Thanks!
    Sayotan you can close this issue!


    Hello Sayontan,

    I was looking for a long time for a good theme, and I think I found it ! Great job, really, very impressive.

    The problem is I got a little problem with Suffusion 3.6.9. (on WP 3.0.1.), that I can’t fix : I left by default drop down menu in Main Navigation Bar (with displaying inbuilt WP 3.0 nav. menu). The first level pages I set (no parent) are displayed, but no drop down menu appears (no children pages).

    I can’t find a solution, do you know what my problem is ?

    I’m french, so excuse my English level…

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