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    We have a WordPress website hosted on windows Azure server. We have made some changes in the method of accessing the website where we can only access the website when we are on our company VPN i.e. it is not accessible to outside world.

    Now, we have a one of the pages of the website which we use as a bridge to communicate between 2 entities. One source entity A sends a JSON data to this page of the website and then this page will send that data (after processing it) to entity B. But after we’ve moved the website to be only VPN accessible, we’re noticing that sometimes the call to send JSON data from source A to entity B results in 502 Bad Gateway error. The error looks like this:
    exception_details: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway.

    And we see that daily we make about 100 calls to this page from source A and out of which randomly we get this error response.This page is a simple WordPress template PHP file.

    I want to know what could be the source of this problem that we randomly get 502 errors for certain calls to this page while the rest of the calls comes through correctly and without a problem.

    Has anyone ever ran through such a problem? Please let me know if you need more information from my side.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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