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    I posted an article last night, checked the site (as usual) and everything was fine. In fact, it has been for months now. So – off I go to catch some zzzz and then this morning when I view the site, the layout is gone mental in IE (sidebars show, but center content is now shown below sidebars).

    I’ve no idea what’s changed overnight. I thought it was the google ads but I’ve just replaced all them and the layout is still screwed. I have no clue whats changed?!?!?

    I tried removing the most recent posts but that made no difference either, and I know they were working perfectly last night.


    All help greatly appreciated as I’ve a regular readership and daily posts and this layout thing is making a mess.

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  • I’m guessing it has to do with the google ads. And everything displays fine in FF but not in IE6.

    Hi c0y0te,

    I just checked yout blog, and unless my eyes are playing tricks on me – everything appears to be displaying correctly.

    I checked in both Firefox and Internet Explorer and could not find anything out of the idea.

    Looks fine to me in FF and IE.

    That’s weird.

    When I browse to the site (using IE 6) it displays the sidebars correctly, but empty space where the content/posts should be.
    In order to see the posts I need to scroll down the page beyond the end of the sidebars.

    I’m stumped 🙁 and getting comments from my readers asking when the damn thing will be fixed. Oh the pressure 😉

    I just removed the google ads completely and retested, and it made no difference, so that might be a red herring.

    When I view the site under Firefox it looks ok… so it seems to be an IE issue.

    The thing is, I didn’t change anything to do with layout, all I did was post an article as I do every day, and then somehow this morning the layout went mental in IE.

    Still in need folks.. any suggestions greatly appreciated.



    Coyote, I took a visit and I see the same your seeing, only thing is I’m a noob when it comes to helping you out, so I hope there is one out there that can help you.

    p.s in FF things are fine.

    Anyone else? This is driving me nuts.

    I even tried to resize the images in a recent post in case they were knocking out the horizontal width of the content area, but that made no difference either.

    Looks perfect in Safari as well..

    Maybe it would be a good idea to fix all your xhtml errors ( )

    Silk – I know about the errors, but its gonna take me a long while to correct the majority of them because they are in the content of the posts, not in the templates.

    And those html errors were there yesterday as well and the site was fine… so I’m at a loss to understand why it’s suddenly gone mental

    Interesting. Looking at the source, I see the link for your clustermap.

    Then I see <center> tags with the google ad. BELOW that one is the closing <div> for, at a guess, your sidebar. I’m guessing that </div> needs to be up above the google ad block.

    You might try modifying your template so that the content area comes first in the HTML code, that way it’ll appear at the top when things go wrong.

    Other than that, it’s most likely something to do with the post you posted. Is it the one with the 6 images? Have a look at the code for that, or take it down temporarily, see if it does anything.

    C0y0te, I know you probably did this (several times!) but I don’t see that you mention it, so did you clear your browser cache and hard refresh? And did you delete the contents of the wp-content/cache folder? (assuming you’re running 2.0.2)

    I’ll try that when I get back from work this evening. thanks.

    Hmm – I couldn’t find any cache directory, however I deleted the post with 6 images in it and the problem went away.

    That’s just plain weird. I’ve no idea why it wasn’t a problem when I posted the article in the first place, and only showed up as a problem the next day??

    Thanks for all the help folks.

    Welcome to gremlins…. glad it’s all better!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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