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  • Lovely, lovely little plugin, but forum appears to have been abandoned.

    We’re meant to press a little downwards arrow icon to the right of the media uploader, which triggers a popup dialogue box. Entering text in that however (no formatting options available, WordPress 3.5) outputs a string of unformatted text, so forget that.

    Instead, format the part of the post you want to reveal/hide as per normal posts, then manually place [EXPAND whatever] [/EXPAND] around that block of text. The ‘whatever’ can be any characters at all (presumably) and simply acts as an identifier for that block of text. Therefore we can have multiple sliders:

    [EXPAND whatever]
    My list will be revealed

    [EXPAND somethingelse]
    My pictures will be revealed

    Tested in WP 3.5 and Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE and FF, worked in all of them.

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