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  • Hi guys,

    So I’m having that oh-so-typical problem where my sidebar has disappeared to the bottom (in both Firefox and IE). I’ve read a ton of threads on here, and most of you seem to suggest the problem is with invalid XML in the stylesheet. So I ran mine through the validator you linked to and sure enough, there are errors — the problem is I have NO IDEA what to do with the results. Can someone please help me interpret? What changes do I need to make to fix the errors and/or my sidebar problem? My website is:

    The validation results are here:

    Thanks in advance. You guys are always my heros!!

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  • Just to add some more clarifying information:

    I do not think it’s an issue with an image or a specific post, as I didn’t have this problem until I started mucking with the stylesheet earlier tonight. Had not changed any posts during that time, and it had been working fine before.

    Also, I still see this problem if I’m just viewing a single post.

    My guess is I just screwed something up with the stylesheet (I was trying to make the left (content) column wider — didn’t work so hot). I just have no idea how to figure out what I screwed up. I know, I know, I should save these files before I start mucking with them. Lesson learned.

    “”My guess is I just screwed something up with the stylesheet”

    Just start again with the original version of the stylesheet and see how that lines up. Looking at the validator output, there are just too many problems there. For starters, your doctype is wrong. You’re claiming that it’s XHTML, but it’s full of tags which aren’t XHTML. This is misleading any modern browsers which results in unprdictable behaviour, which is exactly what we’re all seeing. I think you need to invest some time in learning the basics of XHTML.

    .narrowcolumn { float: left; }

    Firas, I love you. That fixed it. You guys are the best.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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