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  • Hello, this is my first time posting here.
    Im hoping i can get a little help in getting the code correct to fit a jpeg. correctly in the margin/border.

    The Problem im having, is where the jpeg. is going, there is an invisible margin/border, thats not allowing it to stretch to the full size.
    The margin/border is all across the top horizontally, and all across the right side vertically.

    I can post a url of where the image is (its a website, im not sure if im allowed to post it, so im sorry if ive done something wrong. Please feel free to change my post around if ive broken any rules)
    The image is on the home page, its called the “Online Store now open”.
    Ive managed to centre it so the margin/border looks equal everywhere. Changing the size of the image doesnt help. Ive tried that.
    The code ive put is:

    <span><img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-2372″ title=”Hatzi jewellery” src=”” alt=”” width=”470″ height=”120″</span>

    What can i do to get it to fit in correctly?
    Thank you so much, and i appologise if my post on here is all over the place.
    Thank you.

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  • Try CSSedit……its the best way to work out these issues IMO.

    Hi andyimages,
    Thank you for the response. Much appreciated.

    Is CSSedit only a MAC program?

    I thought the problem could be worked out by simple coding. or is my problem alot more complex than that?

    Thanks again.
    Kind reagrds,

    You could use HTML of course, but with CSSEdit you can see the results immediately….and also what is happening with the inline styles or the CSS. Not sure about CSSEdit on PC but its Macrabbit I believe. I swear by it.

    Hi andyimages,
    Thanks again for your help.

    Unfortunately, i only have PC.
    So im hoping i could fix problem with html code.
    Anyone have ideas/options on how to change the HTML code to fix this problem?

    Thanks again.

    You can use your chrome’s built in web developer tools or the firebug to see what CSS styles are being applied.

    Then edit your theme’s stylesheet with any text editor. You can still see the results immediately by simply refreshing the webpage.

    Hi Fonglh,
    Thank you for your help.
    I can change the size of the image and see it easily, thats not the issue.
    The problem im having is that there is an invisible white margin/border on the top of the slot horizontally, and on the right side of the slot, vertically, that i cant get the image to stretch to this parts.
    So i have just gotten it close centre for now, until i can work out how to stretch the image past those 2 margins.

    Still looking for input.

    Still havent had much help with html code.
    Any have any suggestions?

    Kind regards.

    You did not close your image tag with />

    Hi Kevinhaig,
    Thank you so much for the reply.

    I am only new to wordpress, so im sorry if this sounds terrible, but where do i put the closing /> in my code.

    I will try it out once i know where to put it.

    Thank you so much for the response

    <span><img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-2372″ title=”Hatzi jewellery” src=”” alt=”” width=”470″ height=”120″ /></span>

    Thank you kevin,
    I will try it right now

    Hi Kevin, it didnt work 🙁
    But have a look at it now. Can u see the margins/borders it wont stretch out to?
    I’ll change the size soon to put it back in middle and look a little more normal. But still wondering how to overide the margins.

    I dug into it and there is a lot of stuff going on there.

    I was able to change things in firebug, but to translate it to a permanent solution is going to take a lot of effort…..suggest you talk to a web designer. The main area that needs to be changed is in a .top-box class code.

    I’m just not willing to start walking you through it because I’ve never seen so many scripts and iframes on such a page, and I may cause more problems than help….sorry.

    Hi Kevin. thank u for trying.
    I didn’t know the coding would be this hard.
    Much appreciated.

    Diamonds — you should go to the theme vendor for assistance. It looks like you are using a commercial theme that may not be released under GPL — and is thus not supported on these forums.

    Alternatively, you could switch to a theme from this page — all of which are tested for quality and meet WP standards:

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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