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  • Hi,

    Back in WP 1.5 i started using WordPress and relayed all my image handling on Coppermine and a Coppermine Plugin Integration plugin wich can be found at:

    cache of plugins page

    The thing is that i want to improve my blog, and i don’t want to relay onthis image handler any more due to many reasons (additional DB queries, hard to use since you don’t see the pictures until you see a preview of the post, not compatible with images in feeds, etc).

    But i cant remove the plugin since it uses tags to add the images, such as:

    [image:2313:c:l=p] Would insert the normal view of image id 2313, centered and linked as a pop up to show the full image.
    [thumb:1222:l:l=p] Would insert a thumbnail for image 1222, aligned left and linked to a pop up

    So, the script should have all the html that each combination of the tag uses, and combined with the link to the image id be able to create links as
    <div align="left"><img src="path to img 2313></div>
    <div align="left"><a onlick="open popup window with certain size"><img src="path to img 2313></a></div>

    and so on.

    sent this to the wp-pro mailing list, but no answer yet…

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