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    In the Twenty Twelve theme, I would like to have comments displayed in their entirety. I feel this will enhance the social interactivity of my site.

    Here’s an example of a full working post+comment/reply on my current site… no surprises there.

    Note that this post is in full individual post+comment/reply display mode.

    However, when I display the same post in a category-driven listing, or in the generic Twenty Twelve loop, the full display of the comment/reply section is diminished to a small, simple (and hard to see) link.

    I’ve experimented with switching the both the (1) category-driven listing and (2) the default loop listing between all three of the available templates in Twenty Twelve, and they all seem to want *not* to display full comments — only a link to the comments. I can’t find any applicable control settings in the post or comment sections of the either.

    It almost seems as if the theme templates themselves are not wanting to display comments in anything other than a diminished link format.

    I am a very new WP 3.4.2 user, but also an experienced software developer, So I’ve reviewed the user/admin-oriented documentation, and searched through a couple of thousand forum listings. To be thorough, I’ve also reviewed the Twenty Twelve demo site, and observed the same issue there. So I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a feature.

    Finally, I did not want to break into doing custom theme modification just yet, as I’ve got other (farm-related) issues to deal with, so I’d just like to know if I’m missing something really obvious or not.

    So — is there any way for me to get a full comment display by using the generic controls inherently available in the Twenty Twelve theme?

    Thanks for any help.

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    There is no admin setting to achieve your full comment listing on the category template.
    You need to hardcode this adjustment into the theme (child theme).

    haven’t tested it but I think this should to the trick:
    category.php -> line 41: insert this:
    <?php comments_template( '', true ); ?>
    be sure that it’s inserted before the endwhile argument

    OK, roger that. I will give it a shot & re-post the results…

    Thanks for the help!



    I gave that a shot (after creating a child theme) but it did not work. However, I realize I mis-stated my problem. I thought I was using twenty twelve, but it turns out I was using twenty eleven (beginner’s learning curve — I thought twenty twelve was the default theme).

    I think it will be better if I close out this thread and re-open the issue as a new thread. Thanks for the help so far.



    This issue has been solved. You can refer to this article on our website at Chintimini Farm.

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