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    I would like to add to my footer and have it in normal code but for the life of me I can not decrypt the footer. It keeps coming out as a huge mess. I have tried a heap of the decode/encode sites but more mess. I also read this which is what I normally do and haven’t had a problem with until now. Would be ace if someone could help unfrustrate me please.

    <?php eval(stripslashes(gzinflate(base64_decode("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")))); ?>

    Thanks a heap.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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