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    Hi, I just installed a new WP2.8 on
    But the image on the home page not working.
    Please help

    I used the theme “madkintab-brown” from “”
    Any help will much appreciate!
    Thank you


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  • You have this code:

    <img class="header" src="" alt=""/>

    this seems to be incorrect




    Thank you !

    The image upload path needs to be modified

    I’m trying to get a theme named cleanPRESS working on my WebHost4Life windows server host. It uses timthumb. I tried creating the year/month folders under wp-content/uploads thinking that folder creation was the stumbling block but it still complains that it can’t create the folder.

    When I use Live Writer it’s able to to post pictures because it tested to see if the server had permissions to create folders – when it didn’t it asked for my ftp credentials which it uses to create a folder for each post under wp-images.

    So I’m good to go except timthumb.php doesn’t work. I’ve seen some suggestions to replace a block of code in it but it didn’t work for me.


    I discovered a comment response by the author of cleanPRESS that worked. He suggested placing the image first in an images folder and then add a custom field to the post called thumbs with a value being the /yourimagepath/image_name.ext for example wp-content/images/testimage.jpg

    That works for me.

    To Horons: what did you do to the image path to make it work? I’m having the same problem with timthumb! Thanks for any help you can provide.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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