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  • I originally posted this in the Support/How-To section, but wasn’t getting any response there, so I thought I would try re-posting here as maybe this is the more appropriate forum…

    About a year ago, I released a WXR file splitter which I posted to the WordPress forum here: To my surprise, it has been downloaded 1000s of times.

    Recently, I released a new version and I need help testing it.

    A couple days ago, I received a comment on my page from a user that said the new version had malfunctioned for him (unfortunately, he didn’t leave an email address… figures…) Specifically, the user said that he had a 15MB file and set the file part size to 1.5MB, but that it made (3) three 10-ish MB files. (Instead of (10) ten 1.5-ish MB files.)

    Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this bug as I only have a handful of of WXR files and none of them produce this behavior.

    If anyone is bored (or is in the process of moving their WordPress site), can you try the new version and post your feedback here?

    The new version is *way* faster and splits files on file size (rather than number of files specified.)

    New Version 1.5 is here: (same as the old page.)

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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