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  • Hi:

    I posted a similar request (but not as thoroughly explained) on the “plug-ins” forum,, and got no response, so am trying again, here.

    I have c2c_get_recent_posts intalled. I’m using WordPress 1.5.

    Problem: The list of recent posts runs all the posts together as one long, long sentence, with no distinction, no styling per post and no space between posts.

    Suspect I just need to add the right “substitution tags” as described at

    I’m still a beginner at this coding stuff and not as fast a learner at it as I’d like to be, so may need some really elementary help here. And will really appreciate it.

    But I’m not at all sure what to change or where in the loop, to fix this. Or if perhaps I should use a different plug-in?

    I’m using Permalinks.

    You can see the problem in action at:

    I DID read the (i think it was 178) comments at the plug-in site––and this issue may be well-addressed there, but it was over my head. And comments are closed there now.


    1) A blank line of space between each listed post.

    2) The first two words (at least) of each post in Bold and/or all caps, if possible. Or somehow otherwise distinguished.

    Just accomplishing #1 would be adequate. The plug-in seems to do that for most users. I’m just not getting how to do it with my theme and permalinks, I guess.

    If you need to work with me off-forum to get this resolved, let me know. If I need to pay for the help, let me know. I want to get this fixed. It and one other big challenge are hanging my progress.

    Looking forward to your reply.


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  • function c2c_get_recent_posts ($num_posts = 5,
    $format = "<b>%post_date%:</b><br />%post_URL%<br /><br />",

    kenwinstoncaine look to your $format = line - it is going to be different than what I have posted above. Basically you want to insert a where you want it.

    The example I've shown above will display as:

    bold date: (<b>%post_date%:</b>)
    break <br />
    the post link (%post_URL%)
    then double space (<br /><br />)

    This part:

    ($num_posts = 5,

    tells it to display 5 posts, you can change that to what you like.

    Towards the bottom of the plugin file, you'll find this:

    // Determine the format of the listing
    $percent_tags = array(
    “%comments_count%”, // Number of comments for post
    “%comments_fancy%”, // Fancy reporting of comments: (see get_recent_tagmap())
    “%comments_url%”, // URL to top of comments section for post
    “%comments_URL%”, // Post title linked to the top of the comments section on post’s permalink page
    “%last_comment_date%”, // Date of last comment for post
    “%last_comment_id%”, // ID for last comment for post
    “%last_comment_URL%”, // URL to most recent comment for post
    “%last_commenter%”, // Author of last comment for post
    “%last_commenter_URL%”, // Linked (if author URL provided) of author of last comment for post
    “%post_author%”, // Author for post
    “%post_author_count%”, // Number of posts made by post author
    “%post_author_posts%”, // Link to page of all of post author’s posts
    “%post_author_url%”, // Linked (if URL provided) name of post author
    “%post_content%”, // Full content of the post
    “%post_date%”, // Date for post
    “%post_excerpt%”, // Excerpt for post
    “%post_excerpt_short%”, // Customizably shorter excerpt, suitable for sidebar usage
    “%post_id%”, // ID for post
    “%post_modified%”, // Last modified date for post
    “%post_title%”, // Title for post
    “%post_url%”, // URL for post
    “%post_URL%”, // Post title linked to post’s permalink page


    That explains what you need to use to configure your $format = line that way you’d like.

    Where can i find childporns?!

    Thank you, Terry.


    Maybe I need to start fresh with installing the plug-in… Here’s what my plug-in code CURRENTLY looks like and it isn’t doing ANY of the styling that is called for, other than providing the header:

    (Hope I’m using backticks right so that this shows up)

    <?php if (function_exists(c2c_get_recent_posts)) {
    echo "<li><h2>Most Recent Articles</h2><ul>";
    c2c_get_recent_posts (7,"<li>%post_URL%</li>",'','date',
    echo " </ul></li>";
    } ?>

    You can see what is happening by looking in the right-hand column at


    I tried inserting the <br /><br /> a couple ways, a couple places and it didn’t seem to work. Think I need to put ", immediately after it. I didn’t do that. Will try that next.


    No. putting the ",after <br /><br /> just makes the sidebar disappear altogether.

    Not sure WHERE to put the line break code.

    So… next thing I’ll try (and it will be about an hour) is to redo the code for the plug-in altogether, copying your example above.

    Will report back.


    phewwww. i fouled up my adsense or something in the coding for the second column and it has disappeared on me now.

    so i’ll be playing with that, too, when i get back.

    don’t know what i wiped out there, and don’t have a back-up. (lash, lash.)

    Hi Ken, I checked your blog and didn’t see a contact form so I’ll leave you a note here.

    If you’re still having problems, click my name to visit my blog, send me a note using the contact form and I’ll help you out – no charge of course.

    I have a little “problem” with the Customizable Post Listings plugin as well. I posted about it in the “Plugins and Hacks” section, but got no response, so I’m posting it here again.

    I am running the Customizable Post Listings plugin on my site. It is very useful, and you can see it in action at (home page).

    As of right now, the every element in the list generated looks like this:

    Title of article

    I want to modify it, and make it look like this:

    Title of article
    Date | Category Name

    There’s nothing on the developer’s Web site about this (the site hasn’t been updated in a lot of time now). I don’t know much PHP, not enough to “hack” it anyway. Would anyone be kind enough to help me with this? It would mean a lot to me. (I’m kinda under a deadline.)

    Thank you so much! 🙂



    I’m trying to use the c2c get recent posts and it works, and it’s formatted, however, when I use the EXCERPT part, it shows me the same excerpt from one post.

    So I don’t see an excerpt from each post, but one that was on one day and it excerpts it for each date. – you can see Previous Posts in the sidebar.

    Can anyone help me fix this?

    Thanks very much.



    Ok, never mind helping, (helping?) I’ve found a different plugin to use.

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