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    The links in my RSS feed don’t work. They’re blank. Everything else about the feed displays correctly. Any ideas how I can fix this? I cannot find anything on or Google.

    I don’t want to use Feedburner because I don’t want the complexity and don’t want to give up control of my feeds.

    Please help me figure this out. I’m dead in the water without fixing this issue. Thanks.

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  • If you have your feed set to summary in Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading, then links (and images) won’t show in the feed.

    I had it set to summary. Just reset it to Full but still get the same problem you can see here:

    Basically the links are all blank even though I can get other stuff in the feed. I just don’t get what could be wrong. Any other ideas? What should I check to debug this?


    Plugins can also affect your feed display.

    Well the only RSS-related plugin I’m using is RSSupplement and the problem existed prior to that problem. Are you saying other plugins that don’t directly appear related to RSS can cause the problem? Do you know, offhand, of any particular plugins?

    Iridiax, that was the magic word: plugins. Appears the RSS Link Tagger for Google Analytics plugin somehow craters my RSS feed links. So I’ve deactivated it.

    Thanks for offering to help. It’s appreciated. I’m still learning WP.

    I believe I’m having a similar problem. When someone subscribes to my WP blog via RSS, the posts show up just fine. However, when they click on any link within the blog post, it takes them to a gibberish address within my site (as an example, the domain name followed by /wp-content/plugins/feed-statistics.php?url= follwed by a series of characters. It doesn’t lead anywhere).

    I do use Google Analytics on my WP site. What do I need to inactivate to remedy this problem?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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