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  • On many pages of our web site

    we have a feed of classes and events that are fed by posts. There are two problems I would like to solve (I am a noob user, and I did not design this site, only inherited it):

    1. While we can add formatting and links to the content of the post itself, these are not seen in the feed. If you click on “Read More” and arrive at the full post, then you see a bold word, or a hyperlink, but not back on the feed. This means that in order to get some to a class listing via this post feed, two clicks are require when we’d really prefer one.

    2. In the feed, the date of the post is included in brackets like this

    [Jan 18]

    We’d love to drop that date from being included because it might mislead an user. They might think that is class date instead of what it really is, the date of the post.

    Actually, each class is also a calendar item separately…ideally these class and event feeds could just be fed from calendar posts, but I can learn to live duplicating a calendar item as a post of I need to. Actually already used to it, just seems like there’s be a better way.

    Any help with either or both of these issues would be much appreciated!

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  • Your widget is using a class of “grey” on that particular date field. You can hide it by adding the following to your custom CSS:

    .grey {
        display: none;

    But, you may want to double-check your site, and verify nothing else is using that class of “grey”. If it is, it will also be hidden.

    Thanks Josh, with this hint, I was able to make the date go away which is even better! All I had to do was remove this snippet:

    <span class=”grey”>’.racud_date_format($post->post_modified).'</span>


    Anyone have an idea on my first question? How to get hyperlinks and formatting to show up in the feed and not just after you click through to see the post itself? Thanks.



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    Short answer: you can’t.

    Longer answer: the display of RSS feeds is down to the individual RSS reader. Feeds were never meant to be read via a web browser.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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