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  • A few years ago, I started using PhotoPress on a blog that now has thousands of photos embedded in posts using the plugin (

    Last night I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (2.5.1) and the permalinks associated with all the photo pages broke. 🙁

    I did the usual things:
    (1) installed the latest version of the plugin (1.1)
    (2) “updated” the permalink structure from the admin panel of WordPress

    but the photo pages still break. (As this post shows, the photos still show up, but the link to the photo details breaks:

    In an ideal world, I’d LOVE to simply batch all the photos from the PhotoPress database into the current WordPress Uploader, and be done with PhotoPress forever, but PhotoPress has a unique way of encoding photos in a post, and I haven’t seen anything suggesting there is a clean way to do this.

    Despite many searches on the forums, there appears to be no support for those of us using PhotoPress. I see thread after thread with questions, but no answers, including mine from yesterday (as well as my question on the developer’s blog post.)

    Here are my two questions:
    1) Is there a fix for the permalink issue that will at least salvage the situation so that thousands of photos no longer break on my site?
    2) Does anyone have experience migrating from PhotoPress to the WordPress Uploader that they’d be willing to share?

    Any and all help would obviously be appreciated!

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  • UPDATEwp_postsSETpost_content= REPLACE(post_content,"?pp_album=1&pp_image=","wp-content/oldphotos/")

    login to phpmyadmin.

    Click on your wordpress database.

    Click SQL.

    Copy and paste the above.

    Change the photopress folder with all your photos in from “photos” to “oldphotos”.

    Just spent 20 minutes trying to figure that out. Hope it helped.


    Thanks so much for stopping by!!! However, I’m not sure we’re trying to solve the same problem…

    I’m not a database guy at all, but I think I can parse what you’ve got above well enough to get the idea that it will look through the table with content for the phrase “?pp_album=1&pp_image=” and replace it with: “wp-content/oldphotos/”. (please let me know if I’m wrong in this assumption!!!)

    Assuming this is true, then my issue is that a had photopress store photos in a different configuration. For example, each photos is stored in this format:

    However, can I assume that I can use a similar “replace” function in SQL to update my configuration?

    The issue I see with this is that I have six different configurations (i.e. combos of “thumb” or “full” and “alignright”, “centered”, “alignleft”)… But it seems like it would be possible to set something up that would replace the PhotoPress code I have in my posts with HTML code using the replace function you used. If this is the case, then you’ve gotten me well on my way!

    I wrote some SQL to do this, but I’m too frustrated with it to continue. It partially works. See my blog about it.


    I tried running the script and got an error I just can’t understand. I left a comment on your blog about it, though, with the specifics. Please help when you can. Thanks!


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