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  • On the homepage:

    In the right sidebar and in the block lower down the page and in the footer – The font has all turned italic. I didn’t make this change, so i imagine it’s an error. How can i return the font to its normal state?

    How do i add more than one image to the media gallery?

    How can i remove dates from posts in the slider and right side images?

    On a post page – how can i change the number of related posts next to the featured image to only 4 posts so it doesnt run too far below the featured image and push the article text down the page?

    At the very bottom of a post page and above leave a reply there are lnks to two articles…what are they supposed to be …previous and next? If i want to remove this on all post pages how do i do it. (already has related articles above)

    And finally – Im new to web building and i have built what you see so far in the main theme without creating a child. How do i revert the site so far over to a child so that i can continue to work without fear of losing anything later on when the theme is updated.

    Thank you very much in advance of your help.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello @luckyno4,

    Your queries has been answered below :

    Issue #1 ,

    When we checked the recent version of the theme locally we are unable to find such issue so for this please post your site URL for the further inspection .

    Issue #2,
    To add more than one image in media gallery you can either click in bulk selection or click the image you want one by one and click on insert button .

    Issue #3,

    To remove the post date from the slider and post besides the slider use below given CSS.
    Foe this go to Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and paste below given CSS.

    .slider-section .slide-date {
        display: none;
    .besides-block .beside-caption .post-date {
        display: none;

    Issue #4,

    To change the no of related post in individual post you have to go through child theme .

    To activate the child theme you can below given plugin .

    After activating the child theme in your child theme functions.php file paste below given code.

    If you want to change the no then go to line no. 11 and change .

    Issue #5,

    To remove the post navigation paste below give CSS in Additional CSS .

    .single {
        display: none;

    Issue #6,

    Please follow steps mentioned in Issue #4 . Also it is always good idea to make any change through the use of child theme .

    Hope this helps .

    If you want more dedicated and swift support on the theme, please visit the theme’s official support forum where the theme’s official support team are stand by to answer each and every one of your questions.

    Best Regards!!

    Have a great week.

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