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  • I have some problems with wordpress, and i need some plugins to solve my issues (i tried searching and came up empty) would be greatful if you know any plugins that can solve my problems.

    1. The normal search in wordpress doesn’t work as it should for example if i search for “Naruto episode 20”, i get “Naruto Shippuden episode X” so it doesnt give me the correct post. Is there anything more accurate that can be used to search posts?
    2. I have lots of posts and for example if i want to see one of the early ones i have to scroll at the bottom of the page and press “previous posts”, if your at post 10000, and want to go to post 1 it will take a while, is there any plugin that will display the page for that certain category? so for example as the user clicks on the category he gets a mini page menu at the bottom to scroll though the posts?

    thanks for any help on this matter!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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