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    Well hello there. We’re very sorry that things are not going so smoothly for you at the moment. Fear not, the WordPress community is here to help! For the best experience and fastest service please keep the following in mind:

    Before You Post
    Make sure your question is not answered in the Documentation
    Make sure your question has not been answered before in this forum. There is a rather large amount of content here, so you may need to go back a few pages.

    Support Thread Requirements
    Descriptive Title—Give your support thread’s Topic title at least two details that give us all a basic idea of what your issues is all about.
    The Message must include the following:

    1. Detailed description of your issue or feature request
    2. A link so that we can help troubleshoot

    Assign your thread at least two Tags to help others with a simular issue find your thread when they are searching. You did do a search right? Good.

    Over half of the issue with T(-) Countdown are related to a theme or plugin not loading jQuery the proper way. One quick way to test if this is your issue is to look at your page’s source code. Do a search (CTRL+F) for jQuery and verify that the current version of the jQuery library is being loaded only once. Also check your JavaScript control panel and report any errors you might see. Here is a very well written article on how to resolve most of your jQuery woes.

    Please keep in mind that we do this for the good karma. If your question does not get answered right away, don’t be discouraged, sometimes the Universe says no. You can always add more detail to your thread, explain what you have tried, and what you have learned. For extra good will, go help someone else solve and issue you might be able to assist on. We will try to help you resolve your issue, so don’t despair—help is on the way.

    One last thing. Please do not post in this thread. Thank you, and good luck!

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