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  • briantinsley


    I need some help. I have a hosted WordPress site, and I help people out who have had aortc dissections, myself included. I have decided my life since I got a second chance to helping others. I was combing my site in with my personal blog. I had just been using a new WP them and decided to try some other WOO theme called Bueno. Well, from the admin window, I switched Themes and then when I went to look at it, I am getting this message:
    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Widget’ not found in /home/brian/www/www/wp-content/themes/bueno/includes/theme-widgets.php on line 123

    I just want to go back to another them that was working. I am willing to pay a small fee if someone can help me. I have many readers that come to my site to get help about their AorticDissection issues.

    Would somoene please help me get back to where I can change to a different theme?
    I tried this guys recommendation, but it didn’t work either:

    Brian Tinsley

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  • shapsta


    completely delete the theme’s files, then install them again and try the theme again.



    Hi Shapsta,

    When you say this, do you mean completely delete it and reinstall it? IF so, I did this, what I read somewhere is perhaps this theme needs a newer verison of WP?

    I will try to down load the theme from the website and try it again. I don’t think this is the answer. There has to be an easier way to switch themes from a FTP view point? Please help with any other options. I hate now having my site up! 🙂



    I just removed it, went to the website and downloaded it again, and the same result
    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Widget’ not found in /home/brian/www/www/wp-content/themes/bueno/includes/theme-widgets.php on line 123

    There has to be an easier fix here?

    Thanks for hte input everyone@!
    Brian 🙂



    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Widget’ not found in /home/brian/www/www/wp-content/themes/bueno/includes/theme-widgets.php on line 123

    look on line 23 in this file.. make sure WP_Widget is there (not some other name) save, upload and try again…



    Hi Marinanewman,

    I opened the theme widget file. I did a search on the class WP_Widget
    and found it in two places. I am not sure how to tell line 123? I opened it in wordpad.

    First one is here:

    Bueno_featured extends WP_Widget {

    function Bueno_featured() {
    $widget_ops = array(‘description’ => ‘Populate your sidebar with posts from a tag category.’ );
    parent::WP_Widget(false, __(‘Woo – Featured Posts’, ‘woothemes’),$widget_ops);

    2nd one here:
    function woo_deregister_widgets(){

    Here’s the entire file:

    [Moderated: Too much code. Please consider placing the code in a text file on your site with a link here -or- use a pastebin service such as Thanks!]

    Thnaks for your help!



    FTP into your wp-content/theme folder and rename the Bueno them folder. This should automatically re-activate the default theme and allow you to get back into your site.

    I get this same error with the Bueno theme. I deleted the entire theme and re-uploaded it and still get the error.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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