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  • On the website, i needto place a html banner under the header image, actually alittle below it. Below the area where it says what is an ebook, create an ebook, and etc. How do i got about doing so?
    The Html Code is
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN”>
    <meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″>
    <meta name=”generator” content=”Web Page Maker”>

    <style type=”text/css”>
    /*———-Text Styles———-*/
    .ws6 {font-size: 8px;}
    .ws7 {font-size: 9.3px;}
    .ws8 {font-size: 11px;}
    .ws9 {font-size: 12px;}
    .ws10 {font-size: 13px;}
    .ws11 {font-size: 15px;}
    .ws12 {font-size: 16px;}
    .ws14 {font-size: 19px;}
    .ws16 {font-size: 21px;}
    .ws18 {font-size: 24px;}
    .ws20 {font-size: 27px;}
    .ws22 {font-size: 29px;}
    .ws24 {font-size: 32px;}
    .ws26 {font-size: 35px;}
    .ws28 {font-size: 37px;}
    .ws36 {font-size: 48px;}
    .ws48 {font-size: 64px;}
    .ws72 {font-size: 96px;}
    .wpmd {font-size: 13px;font-family: ‘Arial’;font-style: normal;font-weight: normal;}
    /*———-Para Styles———-*/
    DIV,UL,OL /* Left */
    margin-top: 0px;
    margin-bottom: 0px;



    <div id=”image1″ style=”position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:89px; top:57px; width:702px; height:253px; z-index:0″><img src=”images/ebookNowOpen.jpg” alt=”” border=0 width=702 height=253></div>

    <div id=”image2″ style=”position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:306px; top:188px; width:51px; height:21px; z-index:1″><img src=”images/img185946484.jpg” alt=”” border=0 width=51 height=21></div>

    <div id=”image3″ style=”position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:595px; top:187px; width:52px; height:21px; z-index:2″><img src=”images/clickhere2.jpg” alt=”” border=0 width=52 height=21></div>


    Thank You!

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