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  • Hi, I’m trying to use the plugin featured content gallery but do not know where to add the code to display the gallery above all posts?

    Any ideas? thanks!

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    Sorry about that, deleted all the spam.

    Can you link to the plugin? The one named content-gallery ( ) doesn’t exist.

    I believe they are referring to the plug-in: The installation instructions can be found at:

    If you are wanting to add the gallery above all posts then you’d probably want to do this in single.php. Depending on your layout you might possibly do this in header.php.

    @lindy norris … he says that he want to add above posts to you have to add the code to the single.php

    kindly share the code of single.php so me can try my best to help…

    Hi guys, thanks for all the advice. I can confirm that it is called Featured Content Gallery:

    The problem is the setup does not specifically tell me where I can place it. I would love to have it above all new posts on the front page e.g. very similar to a sticky?

    My single.php:

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. The maximum number of lines of code that you can post in these forums is ten lines. Please use the pastebin]

    For adding the Gallery itself:
    Place this code in your theme files, where you want it to appear. In your case, add the following code at your home-page template.php

    <?php include (ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/featured-content-gallery/gallery.php’); ?>

    For placing content inside the gallery:
    If you’re just using the default settings, you just need to use the articleimg custom field. Simply add this custom field to each post or page you’re featuring, and add the full URL to the image you’d like to display in the value. If adding custom thumbnails, custom text, or alt tags you need to add the thumbnailimg , featuredtext or alttext custom fields.

    If you need more help regarding custom fields, feel free



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    No – don’t use ABSPATH. That is a reserved internal variable. Use plugin_dir_path().

    @nihad I tried adding the code but nothing shows up? Any advice?

    You mean the whole gallery or featured content that doesn’t show up?

    If the gallery is not showing then:
    Then it was pasted in the wrong place. Do the following as a quick test.
    Place the PHP code for the gallery inside template “header.php”, you can leave it there, if you want the gallery to be available, the same way as your logo for all content. Just test it. If you need it, in any other place, tell me how and I will tell you where.

    If the Featured items are not showing:
    Then custom fields are not set properly, advice,and will guide you through.

    I’ve just placed the code into the header.php and nothing is coming up for some reason?

    Switch to another template, and try doing the same thing. JS conflicts is a possible reason.
    Let me know.

    Additionally, before further troubleshooting, watch this instructional video, and make sure you complied with all the steps.

    Featured Content Gallery – Instructional Video – iePlexus

    Let me know, how it went.


    Sorry, I know I’m probably going to be a nuisance but switching templates will ruin my blogs look. Is there no other way?

    Or maybe I could get a different plugin?

    Don’t say that, no you are not.

    Switching is done very easily, without affecting or ruining anything.
    Go to Appearance, Activate another theme, go test your plugin, and if it works then we know it’s a theme related issue, and when you are done, activate your theme again, and nothing is gone or changed.
    That’s why theme files are stored and edited separately, so you can change the look of your website every day, with all of your things the same they are.It’s just a press of a button.

    By the way, I really like helping younger 🙂



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    Is there no other way?

    No. Troubleshooting is a process of elimination. Some times you will be asked to switch themes as part of that process. With luck, the change will only be temporary but, in some cases, it proves that the problems are within the theme (in which case, you may have to consider using another theme).

    Bottom line: do you want a working site? If the answer is “yes”, then please help us to help you by following the suggestions you have been given.

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