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    WordPress SEO version: 1.4.7

    Hello everyone,

    I am not having any issues with the WordPress SEO plugin.

    I am new to this forum and fairly new to WordPress. My site is using a Responsive child theme on WP 3.5.1 on a DreamHost server.

    The site is not yet public but I have installed Yoast SEO in anticipation of using it once I am finished with all the basic development work.

    The site is for a small publication that has an extensive archive, which I would like to evantually post using WP parent and child pages. I have created page templates for the individual issue contents and for the actual magazine articles in each issue.

    I would like to display the article titles in a way that resembles what is seen on ordinary print pages, but would also like to have information in the browser title bar that is friendly to print-handicapped users of screen reader technology. My original design showed something like Article Title >> Magazine Title in the browser title bar, but I have been informed that, for purposes of orientation for visitors with print limitations and using screen readers, it would be best to show Article Title >> Issue Number >> Magazine Title.

    I already have Issue Number automatically displayed on each article page by means of PHP code that fetches the needed info from my database.

    Is there some way that I can also use the SEO plugin to get that into the title bar without actually typing it into each article title? I have experimented with that–it can be done, but looks like duplicate info on the actual article pages. It basically comes out as Article Title — Issue Number / Author / Magazine Title, Issue Number. For an example, you can look at

    Thanks in advance, I will appreciate any help you can give me with this.


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  • I think you’ll find this thread useful:

    Essentially, if you have the data in a custom field, you can use:

    %%cf_<field name>%%

    to get that custom data.

    Thanks for your help, Joe. What you refer to probably covers the most common situation. What I am dealing with is a little different, or perhaps I don’t have a full understanding of custom fields. In the meta section of my page template for magazine articles I have pasted PHP code that echoes the parent page’s title (which is the magazine’s Issue Number and Date) as a link. I haven’t actually made a custom field or taxonomy to do the job.

    So I am trying to find out if there is a way to put the parent page title into the browser’s title bar after the current (child page) title.

    I’ll appreciate any further help you could give me.



    You can create a custom title tag using the filter ‘wpseo_title’ and combining that with your existing PHP code for fetching the parent page’s title.

    Look at these for help:

    Hello again,

    Thanks for your second suggestion, Joe.

    I actually found the solution to my specific problem in a WordPress forum dealing with a problem people have been having with the latest Yoast SEO plugin update:

    My problem was basically finding a way to avoid redundancy while putting some necessary info into the browser title bar. Although I’m sure that can be done programmatically by some PHP code, I have no problem just typing it for each page/post.

    So the solution revealed in the forum at the URL above is simply to place the cursor into the SEO Title field on the Add New Page admin panel, hit the spacebar (which takes away existing title — site text) and type the desired custom info.

    I hope others will find this helpful.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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