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    I am back again!

    Tested: the level manager

    Before 1.0.12, I have no problem adding record to the level manager.
    As default, the level – exp scoring in level manager goes like this:

    Level 1: 0 exp
    Level 2: 100 exp
    Level 3: 200 exp

    Well, let’s say I want to add Level 4: 400 exp to the record through Level manager. All I did were putting “4” to the level, “400” to the exp, and then pressed the “add record” button.

    The result comes out “0”.
    I deleted every record on the level manager, and then everytime I add the record into the level manager, it will come out “0”

    Picture of the problem:

    May be some error in sql querry command code?

    And then, it would be nice if we can change the calculation of exp gain from each battle directly from the wp-admin instead of editing the file LOL, but that’s it for now~~

    Thanks for reading!!

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  • Plugin Author Tim


    The attack calculation is one that I’d really like to look into as well later. I wanted something that was a combination of randomness affected by level, xp, etc. This is a calculation that I wanted to use to show as a sample that a plugin maker can really make a plugin that’s NOT at all affiliated with the Core (not created by me). But later I’ll probably be looking into creating a template system of %DefXP%, %AttHP% etc so that you could make calculations such %DefXP% = (%DefXP% * %DefLVL% *.5) + %DefXP%
    Something like that idea.

    Looking into the Level Manager issue for the next update Thanks for the report

    Plugin Author Tim


    version 1.0.14 is up now
    Also and are also updated now.

    Level manager fixed, everything’s compatiable with PHP5.3 which fixes a couple of issues with arrays that were acceptable in PHP 5.5 (i code in).


    thanks for the replies!
    the level manager works fine now.~~ time to test on other stuffs then.
    it is sad to see that the race system is not there anymore:D.

    about the template for %DefXP%, %AttHP% etc you could put up a page/tab on the WPRPG plugin that’s accessible from wp-admin, it might be named “calculation setting”.

    Inside the “calculation setting” there are forms that the user can edit, eg.

    Defense XP : —the form that can be edited is here, it may even have default value such as: “(%DefXP% * %DefLVL% *.5) + %DefXP%” —

    Attack XP: —the form that can be edited is here—

    Attack Damage: —the form—

    What do you think? Just a suggestion though.

    Anyway, I am using myCreds instead of cubepoints, so I might not be able to help you run a test on the bank….sorry bout this>.<

    Plugin Author Tim


    the bank works just fine without cubepoints. It’s the idea behind it. It shows a basic bank element, and if it detects Cubepoints, shows a cubepoint exchange.

    What you could do, is download the bankCP, find the places where I inputed the Cubepoints user_meta checks and replace them with mycreds.

    Looking at mycreds, you should be able to do something like

    function get_user_creds($userid = ”){
    global $current_user;
    if (empty($userid))
    $userid = $current_user->ID;
    $mycred = new myCRED_Settings;
    echo $mycred->get_users_cred($userid);

    That’s UNTESTED and not guaranteed to work.
    But in theory, once you figure out how to get a user’s creds, then replace it with my Cubepoints, and voila. You’ve created a Bank/MyCreds plugin.
    Then you can decide to do away completely with my Gold feature, use only MyCREDS and create custom plugins for Attack, Bank, Members, and Profile to pull only MyCREDs. Then you have a custom game built for your site :-).

    As for the Attack Idea, yes, that’s a good idea and it’s how I’ll end up basing the idea. BUT I think I’m going to also look at putting it inside a separate page than the wpRPG Settings options and keep it solo, since that settings panel is getting VERY polluted. OR I can make a Module Manager with a psuedo Settings page that if you click on the Module, it’ll load a Page with the options on it. It’ll keep wpRPG settings clean, and keep everything looking fluid. All ideas 😛

    Plugin Author Tim


    No further posts leads me to mark this as resolved!

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