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  • I installed the spell checker from Coldforged and it has crashed my entire site. All I get is a white page with the text below on it. Right now I am deleting folders one at a time out of the directory hoping I can get my site back with out having to reinstall. The developer is not allowing posts to his site so I am wondering if anyone knows what this string is telling me?

    Fatal error: Failed opening required ‘THEGAMES_ORG\Web\wp-content/spell-plugin/spellInclude.php’ (include_path=’c:\php4\pear’) in THEGAMES_ORG\Web\wp-content\plugins\spell-plugin.php on line 36

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  • Recheck the instructions to ensure that you put all of the files in the correct folder(s). It looks like the plugin might be looking for a folder called spell-plugin which should be in your wp-content/plugins/ folder. Just a guess.

    Hi Mr. Moose! (I just love typing that 🙂 )

    I just reviewed the WP codex as I am trying to learn the app as you had suggested in a previous ‘rescue’. I am a bit confused by the installing of a plug in.

    The codex says to upload the plug in “file” to the plugins folder. But as you know better than I, a plug will have a bunch of pages in it. So my question is then, do you upload the whole uncompressed plug in folder into the plugins directory?

    In my brand new install, I have 3 plug ins. If I look in the content/plugin directory, there is just 3 simple files. No folders for those. And if I look through the WP root directory I don’t see anything that looks like a folder for those plug ins.

    So in this case, the plug in has oh say 15 files in a directory with the name spellchecker. Should my directory then look like this? content/plugins/spellchecker? or should it just be the one file?



    Looks like you’re running on a Windows host. This plugin requires a Unix host, unfortunately.

    Ah, there you go, then. CF, you got any plans to port this over to Windoze? Hmmm? :p

    oh my…that is so disappointing..:< but thank you CF for saving me from going crazy!

    Many thanks


    Hi Mr. Moose…

    Not sure…but I was wondering…could you tell me when you are installing a plug in, if the whole plug in folder goes into the WP plug in folder? I think it should yes? You wouldn’t just upload a ton of files into one plug in directory would you?

    Many thanks…

    ps..loved your moose site! are you a php programmer ‘god’?

    frank1, I’ll answer for me… it depends on the plugin. Some plugins — like the Spell Checker — have the main plugin file in the plugins directory and the rest of the files in a folder in the wp-content directory. Why? That’s the way the WordPress Plugin Manager wants them for performing One-Click installs. Other plugins — like the old Code Beautifier — have the main file in the plugins and the rest in a subfolder in the plugins directory. It all depends on the plugin and each plugin’s installation instructions will specify.

    CF, you got any plans to port this over to Windoze?

    Not really, man. No great incentive and too many other projects to work on. It’s mostly a matter of the shell_exec stuff, really.

    I hear ya. We all appreciate what you have already done in sharing the plugin as it is.

    I know how to spell “PHP”. Other than that, everything I have learned has been through using WordPress and researching stuff elsewhere so that I could do more on my site. Position Is Everything and Community MX are two places where I learned a lot. It never hurt to have access to a lot of blog themes from some very talented people as well.

    Like Podz, I’ve always been willing to dive in and break stuff. In fact, I’m very good at breaking stuff. Some plugin developers I know ask me to test their stuff before release. If it’s “moose-proof” then it’s good for public release. 😉

    Good Morning Mr. Moose!

    Thank you for the note….I was just wondering where I could find a great php person…and you seem pretty knowledgeable. I love that Position is everything site! The other one, Community MX wants money to join…and can’t afford it.

    Anyway…if you have some ideas on a php person…please let me know.



Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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