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Need Help on InMotion Hosting Harassment Regarding CPU/memory Usage Due to MySQL

  • hi everyone

    I have a site / blog ( TechLuver.com ) hosted by InMotion Hosting since 6 or so month. Since last 2/3 weeks they were sending me notices on “Persistent Connections Issue”.

    Whenever I called their Tech Support, either they said everything was fine or there’s NO issue of “Persistent Connections”. But their so called system administrators says completely different than their Tech Support.

    Sys Admins first blamed “Plugins” I had installed for “Persistent Connections”, so now I have removed all the Plugins. Additionally one of the InMotion supervisor have installed WP-Cache Plugin on the blog (with my permission) now.

    But now InMotion Sys Admins have changed their tone and are claiming that, “However, WordPress in general is not the best application for higher traffic” and wants me find another hosting company. The traffic on my blog is between 40,000 to 80,000 hits per day and peak monthly transfer was 40 GB while for my Power service plan they do offers 30,000 GB/month ( Thirty Thousand GB) transfer limits. A line from their email, “We are once again referencing CPU/memory usage due to MySQL.”

    I have installed WordPress using one-click installation through Fantastico in their CPanel. As of now its been upgraded to WordPress 2.3.3.

    Any help/advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks a million in advance.

    – TechLuver

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  • I would switch hosting companies. WordPress is fine for large scale hosting (especially with WP-Super-Cache), but clearly they don’t want you as their customer any more.

    Find a host that wants to have you. Life is too short to deal with bad hosting services.

    As far as persistent connections goes, WordPress does not use persistent connections. It can, with a minor code modification, but it does not by default.

    I can’t venture a specific guess. But I downloaded your home page and found that it’s got 2.36MB in images alone.

    It would help if you’d optimize the images, which would lessen their file sizes. For instance, the Chicago Auto Show image is not only huge, but it’s 330K. Just optimizing it (cutting down on the quality *without* losing visual quality) brings it to 178K. Shrinking it a bit from 962×436 pixels (which is wider than some monitors) to 600px wide brings it to 85K. Same with the Feora image, which is 193K; a little resizing and optimization brings it to 56K.

    Do this with the larger images, or the images that were apparently saved at highest quality, and you’ll cut down your file sizes quite a bit … possibly by two-thirds.

    Unfortunately, I have no input on the persistent connections issue.

    hi “Otto42” and “DianeV”

    Many thanks for your excellent replies.

    Now any suggestion on web hosting companies that have no problem with WordPress ?

    Thanks again, I greatly appreciated your help.

    – TechLuver

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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