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    I have been using WP3.9 and I have tested installing this plugin. I also installed the attack module. So far, I have problem modifying the EXP needed to to reach certain level, modifying the attack damage calculation, modifying the HP progress, and modifying the effect of the action. But these can wait~~

    What I have been wondering is how to set up the Cron Jobs for HP replenishment. I set the plugin to default so that the HP is recovered by 1 for every 30 minutes, but it doesn’t work.

    PS: would be nice if I can set limit on how many times a person can attack, may be some kind of “energy”

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  • Plugin Author Tim


    Well there’s a new version of the attack plugin that I’m waiting on wp to approve. Legends seems to have success with it now. Just waiting to get it lice for everyone. Don’t worry about changing any code manually. I just don’t get where that wp-Armin came from.

    Ah, okay, I just found out how it happens:
    There are 3 plugins related to WPRPG installed on my blog:
    1. the 1.0.10+ version of WPRPG that I got from here.
    2. the attack module I got from here:
    3. the ….gold module? that I also got from here:

    When I remove the attack module, the profile works fine, it doesn’t redirect to “/wp-admin”, that means the problem is in that module. I will go and see if I can do anything about it~~:D

    The redirect is fixed in the new version, I tested it last night.

    Hmm, the problem is in the attack module. Without the attack module, members can not attack but the redirection works. If the attack module plugin is installed, members can attack, but they can view other members profile.

    Is there any new version of the attack module plugin?

    Plugin Author Tim


    this is only current as of 5/10/2014 at 1221(noon) EST.
    wprpg 1.0.12 (awaiting update to WP Repo
    wprpg_attack 1.0.0 (awaiting approval from WP)
    Deactivate and replace plugins. All plugins will be as current as when I have access to the Repo next (currently don’t have SVN on this computer to upload)

    @fatalogic I was speaking of the new Attack module.

    Problems solved! Thanks Tim and dblegendz. Hopefully WP approve that plugin asap. Some testers might get confused when they see that there is no attack button in the user list! lol.

    Plugin Author Tim


    Soon all of those plugins will be separated, or atleast controlled via a module-management system to enable and disable their functionality though the plugin may still be enabled on site. But the idea is for them to have wpRPG bare and then add features that they need (or hopefully make more features for others ). Glad it worked out great for you. I’m going to post this topic as resolved and any new issues lets open new threads!

Viewing 8 replies - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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