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  1. obiwan77
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi there,
    I have done research to determine how to use WP multisite with multiple domains (actually only 2).

    I need help in determining:
    1) how to set this up,
    2) if WP multisite is needed the answer to my goal,
    3) what plugins to use to do the domain mapping.

    I am setting up a wordpress site for my client. Bilingual content (hence the 2 sites and domains.

    I want to use 2 different domain names, one for each language, each one containing keywords each site (or language section) has to rank well for in the search engines. Let’s say to simplify that these are 2 sites.

    I want to make administration of content easy, so wp theme and plugins for both sites can be in a single wp install – hence my interest in WP MU/multisites.

    SEO is the most important element to consider with the overall setup. Ease of use/administration is second.

    I guess I need the search engines to consider each site as having it’s own separate TLD (top level domain), even though they might actually be installed using WP MU in a subdirectory or subdomain on the initial WP installation.

    A) Would this setup achieve what I want (SEO)?

    B) Do I need a domain mapping plugin, or the WP multi network plugin, or …?

    C) do I also need a dedicated IP?

    D) on this we use GoDaddy deluxe 4GH linux hosting: any problems with this?


  2. When you are using domain mapping in multisite, Google has no idea (nor does it care) that they are in the same install. Or on the same IP.

    you need the domain mapping plugin.

    multiple networks is only if you wanted the other sites to have their *own* blogs under them.

    you;re alreayd on dedicated hosting. you probably alreayd have a dedicated IP. the requirement for it is almost always due to the host saying so.

  3. obiwan77
    Posted 5 years ago #

    thanks Andrea.

    I am on shared hosting (well I think so).
    The host (GoDaddy said I need dedicated IP address to do the WP multisite feature - although I am unsure whether this is their preference or technical requirement?)

    in regards to Google: I thought that having a domain forwarded to another subdirectory is not giving the same SEO "juice" (for the keywords included in the domain name) than if it was seen as simply being a TopLevelDomain?

  4. The dedicated IP is GoDaddy's preference.

    you're not forwarding a domain here, you;'re parking it on top. It works *exactly* like the domain mapping upgrade that wordpress.com uses. I don't see them having any SEO issues, do you? ;)

    See my site? wpmututorials.com

    It's a mapped domain in a network. Can you tell? no, you can't. Neither can google. And they do not care.

  5. ipave
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I want to use 2 different domain names, one for each language, each one containing keywords each site (or language section) has to rank well for in the search engines. Let’s say to simplify that these are 2 sites.

    I wouldn't waste my time with keywords, since none of big search engines pay attention to them anymore.

  6. mrcherry
    Posted 5 years ago #

    hi all,

    im finding it hard to follow the instructions, ive read them all but cannot quite find where im going wrong. The plugins all seem to be operational !

    The domain name i wish to map is 'officialanisa.co.uk' and the subdomain is 'officialanisa.mrcherry.co.uk'.

    The domain name is registered at 123-reg.co.uk and my hosting is with justhost.

    I have parked the domain at justhost and ive added a dns record at 123-reg.co.uk

    (officialanisa.mrcherry.co.uk CNAME

    im not sure if the dns record is correct and im not sure whether i should have changed the nameserver so the domain is handled by my host ????

    I have set the domain mapping plugin to use officialanisa.co.uk as the primary domain, but the it just disappears all from time and space ??!

    What Am I doing wrong ????

  7. You need to add an A record to officialanisa.co.uk with the IP address of mrcherry.co.uk.

    You do not do a single thing with the subdomain.

  8. mrcherry
    Posted 5 years ago #

    so i assume the dns should read

    the name = officialanisa.mrcherry.co.uk

    the type obviously = A

    the content =

    should i change the nameserver from 123-reg to justhost ??

    Sorry I know im usless at this, ive been wading through without any prior knowledge

    thanks for you help

  9. the name = officialanisa.mrcherry.co.uk

    No, I just said don't add any dns records for the subdomain.

    A records override nameserver records.


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