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  1. negariousnick
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm having trouble sorting out how to select one site out of my two, to open via root of my host.
    I have created a new site in WP multisite as new3.dawsondesign.com/blog
    and have my main wp blog on dawsondesign.com/blog where WP is installed.
    I know want to use new3.dawsondesign.com/blog as my root site as dawsondesign.com

    host: dawsondesign.com.com
    WP subdir: dawsondesign.com/blog/
    site 1: dawsondesign.com/blog/ (by Wp default (my blog))
    site 2: new3.dawsondesign.com/blog/
    goal: new3.dawsondesign.com/blog/ to open as dawsondesign.com

    I have seen other similar topics on the subject but a can't quite seem to find an answer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. negariousnick
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Since this last post I have followed WordPress_Multisite_110v3.pdf http://halfelf.org/ebooks/wordpress-multisite-110/
    Halfelfs ebooks advice on page 82 and changed the site 2 name to dawsondesign.com/blog/ and made it the primary site in the wp_config.php file and made the site 1: dawsondesign.com/blog/ into dawsondesign.com/blog/old

    Now I can no longer login at http://www.dawsondesign.com/blog/wp-admin only on http://www.dawsondesign.com/blog/old/wp-admin and I have lost multisite installation.

    I am in a complete flap as the old blog now no longer exists and the new3.dawsondesign.com/blog/ has now completely disappeared and there seems to be no way of reversing what I have done as multisite now seems to have vanished as I can no longer login to dawsondesign.com/blog/wp-admin.

    I am in a real panic as I have lost over 3 months of work in the new3.dawsondesign.com/blog/ site

    Any help would be greatly appreciated….

  3. I think the problem is because ....

    How on EARTH did you make new3.dawsondesign.com/blog/ in the first place?

    If your main site is dawsondesign.com/blog/ then your subsites would be dawsondesign.com/blog/new3 and so on. NOT a subdomain.

  4. negariousnick
    Posted 1 year ago #

    when creating a new site in my multisite it created them as subdomains which has all worked fine until the above problem, where as now I can't access any thing as it was….

    Is there a way of reversing what I have done…?

    I am in a real panic as the site for work was supposed to be going live before christmas!

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