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  • I’m new to WP. I was just about to download v. 2.9.1, and then I checked with my webhost (FatCow), and found out they only support the automatic server code installation for WP v. 2.8.4 using Install Central. I called FatCow and they said I could install the updated 2.9.1 server code, but I would be on my own in doing this. FatCow support said I should go to WP forums to find out how to install 2.9.1 server code, but I could not find any posts showing me how.

    So I’m considering these options:

    1) I try installing 2.9.1 server code on Fatcow, if I could find reliable instructions on how to do this.

    2) I install 2.8.4 server code of Fatcow.

    3) I switch to another webhost that is more focused on WP support. I’m considering BlueHost.

    I’ll choose option 1 if someone on this forum could help.
    I’ll choose option 2 if I can’t find any support for option 1.
    I’ll choose option 3 if I could see the extra cost is worth the benefits.

    Any opinions or input on this decision would be appreciated.

    Another consideration is I don’t know how important it is for me to use the most current version of WP. I don’t know which plug-ins I want to use, so perhaps it is better for me to use an older version, so I have more compatability with existing plugins and themes.

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  • If your host meets the necessary requirements, then you should be able to follow the instructions in Installing WordPress.

    You would want to install 2.9.1

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    Another consideration is I don’t know how important it is for me to use the most current version of WP.

    Generally important. The latest and greatest has the most current security patches.

    Also, if the idea of installing WP on your own and being self supporting is too much, then it’s not a bad idea at all to pay extra for what support you need.


    I just thought of another option. What if I install 2.8.4 using FatCow’s automated install tool, and then I do an automatic upgrade using the steps in If the automatic upgrade fails, then I could try the manual upgrade.

    Would this approach work?

    I thought this may be easier and a more foolproof way of doing it, rather than trying to install 2.9.1 from scratch myself.



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    I’m going to be fairly frank here, if you can’t manage to do the install, you should consider hosting on instead, as running your own site comes with the responsibility of managing the installs and upgrades.

    Many of the deployed environments fail to upgrade smoothly. It tends to be more of a success if you install yourself and, really, it’s actually quite simple.

    Plus you’re starting from nothing anyway, the worse that could happen if that you try something that doesn’t work and you end up where you are now.

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