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  • i am looking for a theme that offers…

    1. a image header at the top for the company logo/design
    2. page templates that i can specify to be one, two column or three column.. for instance… the home page can be three columns, inside pages can be two or even one column.
    3. a sidebar widget that i can control what is in the 2 or 3 columns at any time… on any page. (similar to the k2 sidebar widget…)
    4. ability to use nextgen gallery or a similar photo gallery… maybe something ajax-based even?

    i’m currently playing with k2. i like the sidebar widget and how nextgen works with it. i just wish i had the ability for this template to have the option with different number of columns on different pages.

    i have a client that like how this site is set up…

    i think it’s wordpress based…. i think.

    is there a theme out there that does all of this… or do i need to try and figure out how to make different page templates with k2. i’m more of a designer than a programmer…. i’ve been digging and downloading for a day or two.

    thanks in advance.

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  • What made you think it was a WP site? I didn’t get that impression at all.

    You’re just going to have to start looking at themes. And of course it will have the ability to use NextGen, NextGen is a WP plugin so of course it will work.

    Try some of Brian Gardner’s themes, they aren’t free (well some are), but they’re solidly coded. Might even want to start with a really plain theme. Check out the old Mimbo, it has a concept that everyone and their uncle is copying now, the “magazine style” layout where you have the latest from several different categories featured on the front page.

    If you’re a designer, it shouldn’t be hard to take a theme and make it do what you want.

    thanks jonimueller…

    i’ve been digging up and loading lots of themes. i’ve been looking at wp remix… it has quite a few page templates… but i am uncovering a few strongly-worded opinions about not using it… poor support, etc.

    i’ve already downloaded brian’s revolution theme and i’m currently looking it over. it’s very promising and it’s good to hear that it’s so well supported.

    yes, i’m a designer but boy-o-boy… working with code is a struggle with me… take me forever since i know next to nothing about it… it’s a lot of hit and miss and try again. i’m trying to find a theme that fits with “most” of what i need.

    thanks for your input…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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