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  • Hey everybody,

    Try as I might, I can’t seem to convert my site into a three-column theme. Since my site is starting to get a decent amount of traffic, I don’t want to abandon the design in favor of a traditional three column layout.

    They site’s Kirby on Finance –

    Can anybody point me in the right direction? Also, if someone who’s skilled at this wanted to do it for me, they’d be rewarded!

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  • So do you have a screenshot of what you DO want in the way of 3cols? I’m not getting you….

    Thanks for writing me back vkaryl! You’re right, I didn’t do a great job describing what i’d like. If you’re looking at the site, I just want another column on the left that would mirror the one on the right. The newly created left column would just have a long adsense skyscraper that looks like the one at the top on the right column.

    Hope this helps!

    Feel free to drop me a line, I might be able to help, but there are questions I have, and a couple things I need to point out.

    bj at kickasswebdesign dot com

    Okay, yeah, does some…. that’s a fairly standard 3col layout, what is it about using one (take a look at, for instance) that’s problematic?

    Is it that you just don’t have the time to forge a 3col that is nearly identical look-wise to the 2col you have now? Just trying to get it sorted….

    Well, I’ve become a fan of the design I have so far and I’d hate to change it if I could avoid it. I’ve checked out other themes but I honestly haven’t found anything that really fits what i’m looking for in terms of design. Also, I hate to do drastic changes on my design right now when i’m trying to put forth the notion that i’m a dependable source for personal finance advice/info.

    Every time i’ve tried to edit it, i’ve screwed something up. I’m starting to think it’s more than a time issue for me! Not to mention, I don’t have to have my site down for substantial portions of time while I use my trial and error method of figuring things out!

    Well, there’s a few problems with changing what you’ve got into 3 columns. First thing is that there’s no point in reinventing the wheel: the 3col layouts out there work and work well – so what you need to do is tweak the look to match what you’ve got now.

    I understand about time, and not having it to waste: what you’re wanting might take minimum 6-8 hours – if NOTHING goes wrong; if something refuses to cooperate, you’re looking a more than that. As to not changing anything while things are going well: that’s understandable as well, but unless you can develop offline using a local server, there’s not much you can do about changes.

    I’d suggest you post your email here, and hope someone you can afford will contact you. There’s a pro mailing list too:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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