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  • Hi ijazali,

    You’re not the first one to do this and I’d bet money you won’t be the last. 🙂

    Unless your Giving WordPress Its Own Directory you should never change that value. I realize this was accidental and I only mention it (and the link) for the benefit of others who may be reading this.

    Okay, fortunately the solution is easy. Have a look at Changing The Site URL which details several different methods for undoing what you did.

    If you opt to go with the database method be sure to Backup Up Your Database first. (in case something goes wrong)

    I can’t access my admin dashboard, because of the way the site is now. What do I do? 🙁

    Did you not read the link I gave you? –> Changing The Site URL

    It looks like your login call is broken

    Go to your site and after the last ” / ” type “wp-login.php” (without the ” ” ) – will get you to a log-in screen –

    Yes LenK I did but I need to log in and get to the Site Admin and Logging in is not a problem but I can’t access the Site Admin.

    I know you can’t access the site admin. I also know you could not have reverted what you did.

    Currently, your site is redirecting to yet in the source code the site is located at That’s how I know you could not have undone what you did.

    The link I gave you gives several different methods on how to change the URL back to what it was.

    If you’re really unsure of what to do I can change it back for you. If you don’t trust me with your login credentials that’s fine, I understand. But know that I have been helping out in this forum for over 2 years. If you want to get in touch with me use the contact form at my site. (the site listed here -> )

    lenK I cant find any contact form and I only have admin to i can give you its username and pass.

    There is no contact form at

    I meant the contact form of the site listed at that link. 🙂

    To make it easier just shoot me an email to len AT wpcanada DOT ca

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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