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  • I searched the WP support forum and found similar issues without an answer to this specific problem. I am a Bravenet customer (paid) and have downloaded the WP 2.0 unzipped file to what I thought was my root directory. Is this right? I am not sure if I put it in the right spot. Then the next thing is I don’t know what to do from there. I have tried to understand the WP install instructions, but I am an idiot when it comes to doing anything with uploading and creating databases and getting programs to talk to each other. I know that Bravenet can support WP as I e-mailed them the pre-install script for WP and they said all was good to go. I have PHP my-admin and MYSQL. Although, MYSQL states I don’t have any privileges and I don’t think I have anything installed properly for PHP my-admin and don’t know how or where to put stuff to not screw things up. Don’t know what to do with any of this to get WordPress to work. I actually do have an ounce of knowledge regarding the manipulation of the actual webpage in HTML once I can get to it…it’s the getting to it that I am having trouble with. I love WP templates the best and was so hoping to use this service. Any help is appreciated. Oh…BTW, I use FileZilla for FTP. Hope any of this helps.

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