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  • Long story short:

    I had a account I never used. I wanted to set up a portfolio online recently, and decided to use the existing account. Created a domain via WP’s Automattic partner, linked it to the account, realized that you can’t install custom themes at, only Plan change.

    Bought hosting at GoDaddy using the same domain that was linked to the account, installed WordPress, put themes in proper folders. Changed the name servers for the domain to GoDaddy’s instead of WordPress’ in Automattic. This was yesterday (8/24). Went home for the day, checked later that night on my phone and saw that the templates/changes seemed to have gone through – just needed to start uploading media the next day to fill it out (today).

    BUUUT, when I got into the office this morning, the same domain that worked properly on the phone (and still does) was still linking to the old template from the account when I checked from my computer, and the wp-admin login for the site still took me to the version – thus, I can’t upload anything and start assembling the site. This persists even with clearing out the cache and reloading the site.


    I ASSUME the problem is because both sites were linked to the same address, and from reading around it can take a little while for nameserver changes to go through – it’s not unreasonable that it wouldn’t be done, since it was initiated around 4-5 PM yesterday. Just seemed weird that the phone version already worked. But I wanted to ask those who are likely more knowledgeable – is there anything else that seems wrong in what I’ve done so far, or anything else I need to do, or do I simply just have to wait until the changes get through to the computer version as well? And how will I know – just when the website shows up as the blank template for what it’s supposed to be linking to?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated. If any more info is needed, just ask – I may have missed something else that was done.

    On smartphone: Looks correct
    On computer: Looks incorrect
    Original WP:
    Domain is from: Automattic
    Hosting is on: GoDaddy
    Nameservers changed: 8/24, between 4-5PM

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  • Probably it’s your DNS provider cache or local one. Try to open your site using

    Also you can check to what ip points your domain from hosting panel and to ping from your local computer, you’ll see difference.

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