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    Hello everyone and i hope that you are having a blast week. After searching many places with no result i decided to bother people here. I came across one website today which is called . This website is a directory for photographers that offer them a place to publicly display their work and also for people to easily find, choose and communicate them through the site in order to book a wedding or something related. I really loved the idea and i would like to create something similar ( in a more general way , not only photographers ) for my country. Is there something out there with WordPress that can help me? If yes i would love to see it. If not tough luck :).

    Keep in mind it , it has to be able to have : signups, people creating profiles, upload work, set the charging fees but also for me to charge them monthly subscription fees etc.
    Thanks to everyone who might help. 🙂

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  • The site you are referencing IS NOT A WORDPRESS CMS site:
    Based on my limited evaluation- sorry,

    So there is not any theme that created this.

    if you try –
    or: –
    it pushes a 404 error (Unless I’m mistaken this should load a login page. This site does not retrieve the php login.)

    I also searched the source code and usually under the title </>
    you would see a <style> …… </style> something like the following:

    <title>Tina's Luxurious Sheets | Sleep on a cloud tonight</title>
    <style type=”text/css”>Avada_3.4.3{color:green;}</style>

    Where the theme:( AVADA 3.4.3 ) designates the theme and version.

    Your referenced site I couldn’t find :theme code:
    Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer Directory

    but, you can design around the theme of your choice and utilize the following plugins to handle your sign-ups requests.

    — signups,
    — people creating profiles, upload work,
    — set the charging fees but also for me to charge them monthly subscription fees etc.

    you will need: (plugins!!!!)
    1. woocommerce, (ecommerce) FREE
    2. woocommerce subscriptions, i think $199.00 (— set the charging fees and charge them monthly subscription fees etc.)

    Many other Additional plugins of course can deliver appearance and functions.

    For additional info just contact the webmaster at the site and see what they are willing to share with you.

    There is NOT just a magic button to make the site as you would wish.

    This site is not a responsive web design, It works on a monitor in a full browser window, but if you scale the window it DOES NOT scale content, to other media, iphone, tablet, landscape or portrait viewing.

    As you will see in one of my sites :
    which was built on AVADA 3.4.3

    just load the page and shrink your browser window down small like an iphone, or tablet view.

    You can make a better site than the one that you are trying to duplicate with some study and research in WordPress.

    Wow, so much detailed and so fast. First i would like to really thank you for taking the time to explain these things to me. I will try to contact them first and ask if they are using any specific plugins or any specific cms. If they are willing to help i d appreciate it. I honestly will take into consideration the plugins you just mentioned and i will try to build my own.

    Ps. Your site looks good 🙂 Keep it up !!

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