Need help finding a very simple theme to suit my employers needs! (2 posts)

  1. 19checkmate91
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I am looking for a very simple theme for a Notary Website.

    My employer has said he likes the look of this Notary site, and wants something similar:


    Simple title at top, a coloured bar below (maybe a very simple graphic on that), a menu bar below that, content in the middle (with room for some simple graphic on the home page), and a footer of matching colour to the top bar. We do not want any large home page picture(s)

    I do not yet know how to use child themes or CSS. I know I could probably start out with a bare bones theme and work from there, however I am hoping that I can find a pre made theme that fits this criteria. I plan to learn how to use child themes, and use CSS more effectively, however we are on a time constraint for this project!

    any help would be greatly appreciated! especially if anyone knows of a theme that would work.

    A top bar like the one in this theme would be great as well (without the social media links):


    Thank you!

    - Sean

  2. esmi
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    Posted 4 years ago #

    Try browsing the Theme Repository via http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/tag-filter/

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