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  • Hi there WP Forum,

    I recently started code a WP Plugin for a friends blog, and now came to some kind of dead end.

    Actually I have more than 1 Question (Well however the others are optional things..)

    Main Question:

    Is there an ‘elegant’ way to create a WP page with dynamic content?
    With that I mean a standard WP Page basing on the chosen theme and so on, but instead of having simple html content, it should be dynamic php code, that allows the user to browse trough a folder structure, for example.

    Meaning: Putting working php code into the content area of a page. Possible or not?

    Not that important:

    Is there any tutorial in these forums showing how to make a plugin creating it’s pages? (E.g. a weather plugin creates after being activated a public page that shows live the weather of dunnowhere)?

    Hope u guys can help me out or lead me onto a promising trail.

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  • esmi


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    Thanks for quick help. Already read that page and most of the linked ones (and deeper) and those helped me to put up some admin menu and the administrative stuff.

    But couldn’t find anything fitting my needs. So if you’ve seen something I’ve overseen please give me some citation =)



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    Your best option might be to download some likely plugins that have similar functionality and see what you learn by taking them apart. Other than that, I think your only other friend will be Google. 🙂

    Well, guess u’ll be right. Just hoped someone here had the same problem/intend as me or there r actually some well hidden tutorials for that. Google betrayed me T__T ^^

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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