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  • ymg123


    Hello, if anyone could tell me what I’m doing wrong regarding trying to change the style of my lists, I would appreciate it.
    I’m trying to use an image for my bullets but cannot get it to show.

    Where should i change the code to affect all bullets and what should I insert? I tried “li {
    list-style-image: url(‘image.ext’);” but did not work and I wasnt sure exactly where to put it.
    Here is the css stylesheet.

    /* Begin Lists*/
    html>body .entry ul {margin-left: 0px;padding: 0 0 0 30px;list-style: none;padding-left: 10px;text-indent: -10px;}
    html>body .entry li {margin: 7px 0 8px 10px;}
    .entry ul li:before{content: “0BB 020”;}
    .entry ol {padding: 0 0 0 35px;margin: 0;}
    .entry ol li {margin: 0;padding: 0;}
    .postmetadata ul, .postmetadata li {display: inline;list-style-type: none;list-style-image: none;}
    #sidebar ul, #sidebar ul ol {margin: 0;padding: 0;}
    #sidebar ul li {list-style-type: none;list-style-image: none;margin-bottom: 15px;}
    #sidebar ul p, #sidebar ul select {margin: 5px 0 8px;}
    #sidebar ul ul, #sidebar ul ol {margin: 5px 0 0 10px;}
    #sidebar ul ul ul, #sidebar ul ol {margin: 0 0 0 10px;}
    ol li, #sidebar ul ol li {list-style: decimal outside;}
    #sidebar ul ul li, #sidebar ul ol li {margin: 3px 0 0;padding: 0;}
    /* End Entry Lists */

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  • esmi


    Forum Moderator

    Try removing .entry ul li:before{content: "0BB 020";} and replacing it with .entry ul li {list-style-image(url(images/bullet.jpg)

    – assuming you’re using an image called bullet.jpg in your theme’s images folder.

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